BLOOD in urine || Dangerous causes and investigations || Urdu/Hindi

BLOOD in urine || Dangerous causes and investigations || Urdu/Hindi

Blood in the urine is a frequent problem, but it has many unanswered questions.
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In this video we will talk about:
1. What are the causes of blood in the urine?
2. What's the danger if blood comes in urine?
3. What is Hematuria?
4. Symptoms of Cancer in kidney and urinary bladder? 
5. Blood and protein in urine?

There are two frequent ways when you can imagine to have blood in urine, first you can see it with the naked eye and you can see clearly that your urine is in red color and the other one is to have some test and your doctor will describe it by seeing some inbalance things (RBCs / Red blood cells) in your test reports.
We can group them into two parts, Gross (clear / easily viewable) & Microscopic (microscopic hematuria).

Gross: This is when you can easily see it in your commode while passing urine and it can easily recognize it as red-colored.
There are two categories of Gross:
1. Blood in urine with pain.
2. Blood in urine without pain.

? Blood in urine with pain (Painful - Less Dangerous):
- The main cause for this type is Stone when stones interact with veins while moving around in the kidneys it starts bleeding and you can see it in the urine.
- Infection within kidneys, in veins, or in the bladder that can cause blood in the urine.
- A cyst is another cause when it burst, you start seeing blood in your urine.
- In case due to any kind of infection, your veins become thin (stricture) and it hard for urine to pass through.
? Blood in urine without pain (Painless - More Dangerous):
- Tumor, there could be tumor/cancer inside your kidneys.
- Thin blood / Liver weakness / Low plateless.
- Taking medicines that could cause thin blood.
- After a heart attack/heart surgery.
- Lost Sensation, mostly in sugar patients.
- Lost sensation due to backbone Injury.
- Microscopic hematuria, the only doctor can describe after viewing RBCs in test reports.
- Glomerulonephritis disease can cause blood in the urine.
- Lupus Nephritis / SLE disease can cause blood in the urine.

How to identify the problem for Blood in the urine.
- Generic Urin Test (the doctor will examine the proteins in it, the high protein will let us know that it is due to kidneys).
- Urine for Disarmament RBC (urine for achenthosize) - Mickymouse cells.
- Ultrasound for kidneys, bladder, Liver.
- RFTs / serum lectorized.
- Kidneys functioning measurement tests.
- CT-Scan with contrast and without contrast.
- MRI in case of the soft-tissue tumor.
- Cystoscopy.

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