Meat can be harmful || BE CAREFUL about 9 Facts || Urdu/Hindi

Meat can be harmful || BE CAREFUL about 9 Facts || Urdu/Hindi

Meat-eating can be harmful, we must know how much should we eat.

In his  video, we're talking about:
1. How much meat should we eat?
2. Which kind of meat is good for health?
3. What is white meat?
4. What is red meat?
5. How much meat should be eaten in Kidney disease?
6. How much meat for uric acid patients?
7. What is processed meat?
8. Can meet cause cancer of gut?

???? Video Tips (Click below links to move directly on the video timeline)
0:00 Introduction
0:46 Type of meats
2:40 How to make meat?
4:18 How to clean meat?
6:07 How to cook meat?
6:51 How much can the Liver eat?
7:44 How much meat can you eat?
9:09 How much meat you can eat in Pregnancy?
9:58 How much meat can a Kidney patient eat?
11:21 How much meat can a Uric Acid patient eat?
12:47 How much meat can a patient with kidney stones eat?
13:12 How much meat can a gastric patient eat?

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