Pink Himalayan Salt || Surprising facts || Urdu/Hindi

Pink Himalayan Salt || Surprising facts || Urdu/Hindi

Pink Himalayan salt is claimed to have so many health benefits. 
This video explains surprising facts about the pink salt:
1. What is Pink salt?
2. How many nutrients are in it?
3 Pink salt with 84 nutrients.
4. Is pink salt good in health?
5. Why us it called pink Himalayan salt?
6. What are the benefits of Pink Himalayan salt?

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0:00 Introduction
0:33 History of Salt
1:35 Location
1:52 Pink Salt rating on Amazon
3:10 Pink Salt in Raw Form
3:40 Color Differences & Minerals
4:40 Composition
5:10 Pros & Cons
7:15 Benefits
8:57 Usage
9:55 Is it beneficial for Kidney problems?

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