Sodium Ziada hona, Kitna khatarnak hai (Hypernatremia, Urdu/Hindi)

Sodium Ziada hona, Kitna khatarnak hai (Hypernatremia, Urdu/Hindi)

Hypernatremia is biochemically characterized by a blood sodium fixation ([Na+]) over the ordinary reference run for the lab playing out the test (ordinarily greater than 145 mmol/L). 

The clinical pertinence of a better than average blood [Na+] is to a great extent dictated by the seriousness of the clinical signs and manifestations related to cell shrinkage (crenation). 

High blood sodium focuses are to a great extent brought about by: 
1) over the top water misfortune with a deficient liquid substitution (thirsting); 
2) over the top salt ingestion; or a possible mix of excessively minimal liquid with a lot of salt. 

Dreariness and mortality from hypernatremia have been recorded in newborn children incidentally harmed with salt or experiencing issues breastfeeding, kids ingesting unreasonable measures of salt as an emetic or discipline, intellectually or truly impaired people (regularly living in nursing homes) who can't communicate thirst or have free access to liquids, competitors who forgo drinking during substantial exercise in hot conditions, and hospitalized patients with under-supplanted liquid or over-supplanted sodium organization. 

Poor clinical results and postponed recuperation have been reported in hospitalized patients with hypernatremia, contrasted and patients who are conceded and remain normonatremic all through their medical clinic remain. Clinically noteworthy hypernatremia in free-living people is very uncommon, with "salt harming" frequently a marker of misuse, disregard, or psychological instability. Along these lines, the mystery accounts of hypernatremia frequently murmur stories of self-destruction from soy sauce, demise by expulsion and salting ceremonies, extraordinary parental discipline, hunger strikes, becoming mixed up in the ocean or desert, and mass unplanned poisonings while salt is confused with sugar. 

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