3 Tips for Choosing One of the Best Nephrologists Near You

3 Tips for Choosing One of the Best Nephrologists Near You

BY Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal Jul 06, 2018 09:09:28 PM

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is classified as one of the top-leading causes of morbidity and mortality in Pakistan. Ranked as eighth in terms of prevalence of mortality, kidney diseases are estimated to cause at least 20,000 deaths and a varied degree of complicated diseases with increasing morbidity every year. 

Diabetes and hypertension are two of the major complications of end-stage renal diseases in our country which is why referral to a keen nephrologist for timely and adequate management is necessary. In order to find the best nephrology doctors in Punjab, Pakistan, you’d have to take a variety of details such as inflation, cost, timings and recurrent appointment schedules in consideration.

In order to find a kidney doctor or a pediatric kidney doctor in Punjab Pakistan, we have laid out 3 tips below that would help you in your search.

1) Ask your General Physician for recommendations:


Your general physician will only refer you to doctors who treat kidney diseases in Punjab, Pakistan if he suspects trouble with your kidneys. This can be concluded by having a few tests done such as an ultrasound KUB (Kidney-Ureter-Bladder), serum electrolytes, urea and creatinine, and a spot urine test in the beginning.  

The best nephrology doctors in Punjab, Pakistan are able to rule out infectious kidney diseases from congenital or hereditary kidney diseases as well. Therefore, in order to get the best polycystic disease treatment or chronic kidney disease treatment in Punjab, Pakistan, we would recommend you to ask your general physician for referrals and guidance as well.

Once you have a few referrals, you can always book a couple of appointments in order to get two or three opinions regarding your renal disease treatment in Punjab, Pakistan.

2) Research about the top kidney doctors in Punjab, Pakistan:


Before opting for a kidney specialist doctor in Punjab, Pakistan, make sure you research about his credentials and look into the history of his experience. You can get a list of his certifications and the area from where he has trained as well to get an idea about the nephrologist’s credentials.

You can also ask his patients and colleagues regarding his expertise and scrutinize whether his patients are satisfied with his treatments or not. You can also cater to different hospitals in Punjab, Pakistan, and ask about their most sought out nephrologists as well.

Online domains such as Marham.pk or hamariweb.pk allow you to look up the credentials of some of the best kidney disease doctors in Punjab, Pakistan. You can also find an online kidney doctor in Punjab, Pakistan by going through the list mentioned above. These domains also help you to find a nephrologist in your area which will make remembering and scheduling recurrent appointments easy for you as well.

3) Consider the nephrologist’s experience:


Most doctors have suitable experience in treating a specific disease while others might have expertise in treating a variety. Before you opt for a kidney doctor in Punjab Pakistan, make sure that he knows how to deal with patients suffering from your renal disease adequately.

For instance, a nephrologist who has experience in treating diabetic nephropathy or other secondary complications of renal disease might not have the same expertise while treating primary kidney diseases.

The best kidney doctors in Punjab, Pakistan, don’t necessarily have huge pages of credentials to their name. The best renal doctor in Punjab, Pakistan has oodles of testimonials from his patients and colleagues, knowledge and experience regarding nephrology and kidney diseases, and takes definitive safety measures ensuring patient safety.

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