How Rapid Weight Loss Damage the Kidney

How Rapid Weight Loss Damage the Kidney

BY Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal May 22, 2018 06:34:51 PM

Unarguably, people who are obese or overweight are at higher risk of chronic kidney damage; however rapid weight loss can cause kidney damage too. There is a need to maintain adequate weight in order to avoid kidney diseases and its associated systemic malfunctions.

In the course of ensuring healthy weight, use of rapid artificial or dangerous weight loss modalities is never a positive decision as more studies have proven that exercise and good health habit is best.

Are Diet Pills Safe for Kidneys?

The standard question now is ‘’are diet pills safe for the kidneys’’. Diet pills used for weight loss can affect the kidney function because of these reasons; obese people are likely to have high amounts of protein, taking weight control pills or diet pills doubles the workload for the kidney because there will be more ultrafiltration of byproducts known as nitrogen byproducts. Diet pills work by ensuring maximum fat loss and muscle gain, by doing this protein and its byproducts are continuously filtered in higher volume by the kidney, also some level of fats is important for kidney function. Fats also act as a cushion for the two kidneys in the human body.

Can Losing Weight Improve Kidney Function?

Weight loss can improve kidney function, the classic question most ask is whether losing weight improve kidney function, the answer is absolutely positive because the good weight is good for the heart which supplies the kidney. The brain and the vessels too are kept safe and not overstressed.

Weight loss reduces proteinuria, which is excess protein in the urine thereby reducing the workload of filtration channels and progression of existing kidney malfunction.

Do Fat Burners Affect Kidneys?

Do diet burners affect the kidney?, fat burners contain elements like ephedra which ensure rapid weight loss, this substance was banned in the US because of its side effect of causing kidney stones and other kidney malfunctions.  Manufacturers still modify these ephedra molecules which give similar effects and side effects. The fact surrounding most fat burners makes it a bad choice in weight loss, the body’s physiologic sequence is altered and this leads to resultant negative effects on the cells of the body and organs (kidney).

Rapid Weight Loss Effects on Kidneys

Weight loss and kidney pain can be said to be interwoven.  Rapid weight loss through diet pills, fat burners, surgery and herbal medications can sometimes complicate issues for the kidney.

Though not all weight loss affects the kidney function, some physical and physiologic conditions associated with weight loss can be responsible for kidney pain.

Extra weight loss and extra weight gain hamper the functions of the kidney in the most adverse manners, this puts the cells on an unfavorable environment and any block in normal filtration rate leads to pains just as typically seen in a kidney stone.

In a nutshell, exercising more, eating less and reducing stress is the best treatment modality for weight gain as physical and physiologic variations happen gradually without an abrupt disruption of the kidney functions. The normal physiologic mechanism behind weight loss is perfectly beneficial to the heart and kidney.

On the contrast, rapid weight loss achieves abrupt Induced changes in the body, causing disruptions in the functional nephrons.

People who desire rapid loss of weight are at increased risk of bigger outcomes because of the facts mentioned above.

Kidney diseases and weight loss are relatively connected because of their pathophysiology, the safer the weight loss method, the better the kidney health.

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