Sodium ki kami Khatarnak ho sakti hai

Sodium ki kami Khatarnak ho sakti hai

BY Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal Aug 12, 2020 07:53:06 PM

Sodium inadequacy side effects, causes, treatment, medication:

What is Sodium a Deficiency? / Sodium ki kami kiya hai?  
Sodium inadequacy, otherwise called hyponatraemia, demonstrates decreased degrees of sodium in the blood contrasted with the typical. It happens when the sodium levels are lower than 135-145 milliequivalents/liter. Sodium is one of the major and basic electrolytes of the extracellular liquid and aides in the support of the liquid electrolyte balance. 

What are the fundamental signs and side effects? 
Side effects become less obvious when sodium lack is gentle. As the seriousness of the condition expands:
- Cerebral pain
- Sickness 
- Shortcoming 
- Muscle torment with cramps 
- Confusion 
- Seizures and obviousness 
- Fractious conduct 

Signs and Symptoms?
It is discovered that a lot of water in the body decline in sodium levels. Low degrees of sodium might be credited to the loss of either sodium alone or with water from the body. 

Some different reasons incorporate 
- Lack of working  kidneys 
- Liquid develop in the body 
- Utilization of medicines that causes sodium misfortune 
- Misery or agony prescriptions that expansion pee yield 
- Unnecessary heaving and free stools 
- Expanded thirst 

How is it analyzed and treated? 
Your doctor may arrange certain tests to watch the degrees of sodium in body liquids. A physical assessment will be done as an underlying appraisal. Side effects might be addressed to preclude different conditions. Body liquids, for example, blood and pee, will be broke down for the degrees of sodium. The tests given underneath might be performed 

- Serum sodium 
- Osmolality test 
- Sodium in pee 
- Pee osmolality 

For the most part, treatment is given according to the reason and seriousness of the condition. The primary treatment approaches incorporate 
- Intravenous liquids 
- A decrease in water utilization 

There are a few medications that expand sodium levels, yet alert must be taken while utilizing them. Different strategies include drinking electrolytes to address sodium and salt levels. On the off chance that there is kidney disappointment, dialysis might be helpful to evacuate overabundance water. Sodium insufficiency might be revised and is certifiably not an incessant condition, gave your indispensable organs are not bargained.

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