Vitamin D deficiency; 9 Dangerous Effects on Body

Vitamin D deficiency; 9 Dangerous Effects on Body

BY Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal Sep 12, 2020 09:54:56 PM

If you ever had some kind of body pain or aches generalized all over the body or if you felt tired while going through your daily routine you might be suffering from Vitamin-D deficiency and this is the topic of the day and today I'm going to talk about the 9 major effects of Vitamin D on the human body and they are not just going to be on the just on the skeletal muscles. 

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It's going to be a surprise for most of you so let's start with the first point that is the effects of Vitamin-D on bones and that's the most popular statement that everybody knows that Vitamin D is associated with bone development, bone health, and all that and that's true before 11 years of age when the baby is small and He/She is going through the childhood, there is a lot of bone development and the Vitamin D is a necessity and usually the recommended daily allowance is much more as compared to people who are in the middle age but the point is usually whatever the baby is taking; it needs to be monitored if it's properly fortified with Vitamin D or not. 

I won't be going into the detail and what kind of things that you should be doing in order to treat it, I'm just going to focus on what happens when the Vitamin D is going to be deficient, the baby is usually finding it difficult to go through the recreation and running around the legs might not be too straight and they may be an angle in the legs; they may be bowing towards the lateral side the distance between the knees, they might increase or it may even decrease in some cases and the decision has to be taken by the orthopedic surgeon or an experienced physician, your decision should not be self-made so the baby is sometimes finding it difficult even to write because of the difficulty in maintaining the muscle insertion over the wrist and the baby is having some kind of pains in the shoulders in the thighs and is feeling tired most of the time. It needs to be diagnosed in so many times because Richards of so many types if you are having that problem, the physician should be informed about it and Vitamin D should be checked and if the patient is in the adult age (greater than 11 or 13 years of age) and still he or she is having Vitamin D deficiency; still, the bone needs Vitamin D if it's not provided with sufficient amount of Vitamin D; the result would be that the bones are going to be weak and if you do the x-ray there might be losing zones over there and the patient is going to be having difficulty in walking sometimes or running or he if he or she tries to exercise - he is going to have the early-fitting ability in the muscles and aches and pains in the lower legs and especially heels. 
Now the decision of Osteomalacia is not that simple, I just want to put an appetizer that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to so and so things so this proper diagnosis needs to be made by the expert physician that is going to check you or the concerned person, next thing is, if I have talked about the bone in the childhood and the dirt the next thing is the muscles, muscles are very much dependent on Vitamin D for their proper functioning, there is a thing called Vitamin D receptor (VDR), the Vitamin D attaches to the videos and then it stimulates a cascade of events that maintains the muscle strength up to a particular level. So if the muscle strength isn't there, the person will find it difficult to go through the daily activities and even the simple daily activities will turn into some kind of hurdle and he or she won't be able to maintain the good quality of life with the low Vitamin D level because the muscles are going to ache all through the time and usually every muscle of the body is going to ache. 
Most of the time it's behind the shoulders on the back in the thighs and in the lower calves, it can be in multiple other spectra of pain combination but this is the usual combination that I have told you. Now I am going to go a little off-road - You know Vitamin D when you think of it, you think of bones in childhood, adult and then the muscles but Vitamin D is a lot more than that, Vitamin D receptors (VDR) are situated on almost all the nucleated cells of the body, now what are the nucleated cells, I'm not going to go into the detail but the point is you need to have a bigger spectrum of thinking in terms of Vitamin D from now on - the people who are less in Vitamin D, they are going to have more "Falls" and they are more than prone towards fractures, if they are not properly supplemented and replenished in terms of Vitamin D, the next thing is a little dangerous. 

The reason I'm telling you is not that I want to create a panic or some kind of stuff, the reason I want to tell you is that you need to engulf the proper importance of Vitamin D deficiency in your body, Vitamin D deficiency can lead to cancer, now what kind of cancers are just as an example "Colon" cancer, the colon is in the lower part of our abdomen and it's the pipe that is taking the major part of our feces when we pass it out and then "Breast cancer" and then there is a "Prostate cancer" all of these are associated Vitamin D deficiency but I must say that the association of Vitamin D deficiency in these cancer events are not without controversy, there are some researches that are for them and there are some researches that are against them but still there is a healthy population of physician and surgeons around the world who still feel like the Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a higher risk of cancers of these sorts and many others. 

Next is cardiovascular events heart problems, if you are having some kind of heart problem - the chances are the Vitamin D deficiency may have contributed to it for the last few years, lipid metabolism and atherosclerotic events all are accelerated, if you have Vitamin D deficiency, so if your family is having a history of cardiovascular events, keeping your Vitamin D in the recommended range is a little more important and the same is true for "diabetes". Low diabetes - Low Vitamin D levels are associated with the early development of diabetes mellitus or sugar that we call it in the subcontinent and so Vitamin D sufficiency is relatively protective against Vitamin D diabetes mellitus and to add to that one surprising thing is which was initially a surprise when a few years back I came to know the detail of it was the Vitamin D deficiencies associated with depression and neuropsychiatric disorders like somebody is having a mood disorder or some kind of psychological problems. They are the people who are deficient in Vitamin D, they are more prone towards it so if you are feeling low then Vitamin D replenishment may help you. 

Now once again I must tell you that the researches are against and for that in multiple times but in my experience to Vitamin D deficiency replenishment does help and one of the logical reasons for that is - if you are deficient in Vitamin D the next thing you might see is that you are having pains all over the body - you are having a low-quality fly, you are finding it difficult to drive to your workplace and come back and jog in the morning or so on and so forth, so it becomes a little difficult to live a limited life and that may make you prone towards depression. 

The next thing is Pregnancy, good outcomes of pregnancy are associated if you are having a good Vitamin D level, a low Vitamin D level may be associated with low birth weight, Baby and early or premature birth. So it's important for all walks of life, you know you start from the childhood middle age and late age everything is important. One more thing that I feel like talking is that there is a difference between west and north in the USA in terms of exposure of sunlight, so in the north, you are more prone towards the development of Vitamin D deficiency and there are areas in temperate areas wherein winters practically there isn't any significant exposure of sunlight and Vitamin D development through the skin goes down the drain like Boston and a couple of other places, so I'll go into the detail of the best way of treatment of Vitamin D, How can you treat it without any medicine, What kind of eatables that you should take in order to make sure that you and your family stay protected against with a bandaid efficiency, I hope, I have answered few of the question that people had in their mind about Vitamin D deficiency.

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